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Recommended Reading

By Julie Loe, B.S., PTA, Director of Pediatric Services
In association with Barnes and Noble

There are more sources for knowledge than any of us will ever know.

Here are a few of our favorite books, papers, guides, reports and websites. We hope you find what you're looking for!

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This is a large list of books for pre-schoolers about going to school. Children need time to adjust to new routines and expectations. Fun and familiar stories can be a good way to help your child understand that a change is coming or to help her adjust as it is happening.

Non-fiction books



Arnold Where Do You Go to School?
Hurd Come with Me to Nursery School
Rogers Mr. Rogers Talks about. . .
Stein A Child Goes to School

Fiction books



Alexander Sabrina
Atlard Miss Nelson is Missing!
Anderson Carlos Goes to School
Barkin I'd Rather Stay Home
Baridn Sometimes I Hate School
Behrens What I Hear, in My School
Berenstain The Berenstain Bears Go to School
Boyd I Met a Polar Bear
Bram I Don't Want to Go to School
Breinburg Shawn Goes to School
Bucheimer I Know a Teacher
Burningham The School
Calmenaon The Kindergarten Book
Casaldy We Like Kindergarten
Caudill A Pocketful of Cricket
Charles Calico Cat at School
Cohen The New Teacher
Cohen No Good In Art
Cohen When Will I Read?
Cohen See You Tomorrow, Charles
Cohen Will I Have a Friend?
Cohen First Grade Takes a Test
Cole What's Good for a Five-Year- Old?
Cole What's Good for a Six-Year-Old?
Delton The New Girl at School
Frandsen I Started School Today
Gordon Crystal is the New Girl
Haas A Special Place for Jonny
Hamilton-Meritt My First Days of School
Harris The School Mouse
Hoffman Steffie and Me
Holland First Day at School
Horvath Will the Real Tommy Wilson Please Stand Up?
Isadora Willaby
Jones Going to Kindergarten
Lenski Debbie Goes to Nursery School
Lexau I Hate Red Rover
Lystad Jennifer Takes Over P.S. 94
Mann The 25˘ Friend
Marino Where are the Mothers?
Marshall Miss Nelson is Back
Mason I Go to School
Meshover The Monkey that Went to School
Nichola Big Paul's School Bus
Oppenheim Mrs. Peloki's Snake
Ormsby Twenty-One Children
Oxenbury, First Day of School
Pariah Jumper Goes to School
Quackenbush First Grade Jitters
Relf The First Day of School
Relf Show and Tell
Rockwell My Nursery School
Schick The Little School at Cottonwood Corners
Schwartz Sea and Mr. Jones
Simon I'm Busy Too
Steiner I'd Rather Stay with You
Steptoe Jeffrey Bear Cleans Up His Act
Thwalle The Chatterbox
Toblaa The Dawdlewalk
Udry Whit Mary Jo Shared
Wetber Goodbye, Hello
Wetta Timothy Goes to School
Wittman The Wonderful Mrs. Trumbly
Wolde Betsy's First Day at Nursery School
Wolf Adam Smith Goes to School
Woolley Gus was a Real Dumb Ghost
Elliott Grover Goes to School
Hillert Who Goes to School?
McInnis Goodnight Painted Pony
Marshall Fox at School
Matthias Our the Door
Wiseman Morris Goes to School

Young People’s Books

Here are some stories to share with your children, both young and old. Stories both for children and also by children about their lives. I would love to hear your feedback after you have read what is important to you.

Andy and His Yellow Frisbee
By Mary Thompson
Introduces young readers of (elementary school age) to autism. Illustrated with vivid watercolors

The Lion Who Had Asthma
Jonathan London, Pictures by Nadine Bernard Westcott
Sean roars like a lion. But the lion who is Sean has asthma, and suddenly it’s hard for him to breathe. The whole family pitches in to help deliver the treatment, and soon Sean is King of the Jungle again.

Draw Me A Picture
Susan Nessim and Barbara Wyman, A.T.R., M.F.C.C.
A therapeutic coloring book for kids to help them understand the changes taking place, through Marty Bunny, who becomes sick, is treated and get better. Ages 3-6
Available in Spanish

Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose Told in Signed English
J.G. Coleman, M.Ed.
More than a dozen favorite rhymes illustrated with full color paintings accompanied by 389 drawings showing verses in signed English. Designed to help young readers strengthen their language skills.

Julie’s Beach Adventure
Created and Written by Anne Manuel,
Illustrated by William Inagley Studios, Inc.
First issue in the Friendship Circle series of stories where differences don’t matter and warms hugs, understanding, sharing, caring and giving are part of everyday. In the Friendship Circle every member is special and appreciated.

Joey and Sam
I. Katz & E. Ritvo,M.D.
A heartwarming storybook about autism, a family and a brother’s love.

A Button in Her Ear
Ada B. Litchfield
Pictures: Eleanor Mill
Approximately 7% of school children have some degree of hearing loss. Story reinforces a child’s healthy attitude toward use of a hearing aid. For children in similar circumstances this story has special meaning and sets the stage for new understanding.

Lee, The Rabbit With Epilepsy
Deborah M. Moss
A reassuring tale for young children with epilepsy. This story follows Lee from her first seizure to the doctor’s office, and then home with new medication to control her seizure. Ages 4-8

What Happens Next?
C. Christian & L. Dwight
Babies will love the colorful photographs and hidden surprises in this sturdy little book.

Nick Joins In
Joe Lasker
A free, appropriate public education is guaranteed for all handicapped children and whenever possible, they will be educated alongside non-handicapped children, a practice known as "mainstreaming". This book may help overcome child’s apprehension.

Shelly The Hyperactive Turtle
Deborah M. Moss
An aid for parents to help them explain ADHD to their preschool or primary grade youngster. Ages 4-8 Fully illustrated.

My Brother, Matthew
Mary Thompson
When a child with disabilities is born into a family, life typically shifts to focus on this child’s special needs. Siblings often have difficulty adjusting and feel left out. This realistic and compassionate tale tells what happens and what it is like.

Things Your Mother Always Told You But You Didn’t Want to Hear
By Carolyn Coates
A spiral-bound book full of little anecdotes that capsulize many of the words of wisdom shared by a mother with her children.

Sugar Was My Best Food: Diabetes and Me
Carol Antoinette Peacock, Adair Gregory, Klye Carney Gregory
Nine year old Adair tells of how diabetes brought big changes to his life. Little by little, he can his family learned to manage his illness, and after awhile life got better. This true story will help other kids in their struggle with diabetes. Ages 8-13.

Chris Gets Ear Tubes
Betty Page Illustrated by Kathryn Hutton
An explanation of what happens before, during and after the surgery in language a child can understand. It takes away the child’s natural fear of the unknown.

A Cane in Her Hand
A.B. Litchfield
Illustrated by E. Mill
A great book to help children without disabilities understand those with disabilities.

Many Ways to Learn: Young People’s Guide to Learning Disabilities
Judith Stern, M.A., Uzi Ben-Ami, Ph.D.
This book is written for young people ages 8-14. Reading it will help them learn to help themselves as it provides a clear and positive understanding of what it means to have learning disabilities.

Night Light: A Story for children Afraid of the Dark
Jack Dutro, Ph. D.
A creative story that taps the inner resources we use to calm our fear. Uses imagination to change images of fear to images of interest, fun and comfort, through a tiny creature, Kalispel.

Monster Boy
Christine M. Winn with David Walsh, Ph.D.
A delightful and easy to read story about Buster and his discovery of the monster within. Designed to help children cope with anger.

Uncle Willy’s Tickles
Marcie Aboff
Children will be able to relate to Kyle, who is tickled by Uncle Willie until it hurts so much he hides when Uncle Willie visits. Designed to reinforce the concept that children can and express themselves if they feel uncomfortable about something. Ages 4-8

Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce
Cornelia Maude Apelman, A.C.S.W.,L.C.S.W.
To a young child, divorce need to explained only in the simplest terms. This book emphasizes the precious things in a child’s life that stay the same. The message conveyed is that no matter where the parents live, they will always love their child.

Gran-Gran’s Best Trick: A Story for Children Who Have Lost Someone They Love
L. Dwight Holden, M.D.
Written to help children deal with the loss of someone they love, and to help parents help their children with that loss. It is also about how we grow from that experience and how those we love never leave our hearts. That is love’s best trick.

Help Is On The Way: A child’s book about ADD
Marc A. Nemiroff, Ph.D. & Jane Annunziata, Psy.D.
Written from a child’s point of view for children ages 5 to 9 and their parents to help them gain an overview of ADD and its effects. Not intended as a comprehensive text or guidebook.

I Want You Moo: A Story for Children About Self-Esteem
Marcella Bakur Weiner & Jill Neimark
This book is designed to be read to and with children ages 4-8. It offers parents, teachers and counselors the chance to engage in an open discussion of the rarely discussed subject of self-acceptance and self-loathing.

Sammy The Elephant & Mr. Camel
A Story to Help Children Overcome Bed-wetting While Discovering Self-Appreciation
Joyce C. Mills, Ph.D. & Richard J. Crowley, Ph.D.
A delightful and profound story that can be enjoyed by children of all ages. The theme of a struggling youngster who is guided to discover his own unique abilities will touch the heart of any child in a universal way.

Where’s Chimpy?
Bernice Rabe with Photographs by Diane Schmidt
A heartwarming story about Misty and her toy monkey. Misty and her toy monkey. Misty has Down syndrome, but that doesn’t mean she acts differently from any other child.

Princess Pooh
K.M. Muldoon, Illustrated by L. Shute
A sibling secretly dubs her sister ‘Princess Pooh’ because she sits on her ‘throne with wheels’ and gives orders. An honest look at some universal feelings.

I’m the Big Sister Now
M.Emmert, Illustrated by G. Owens
How the loving care of family and friends can influence and benefit the quality of life for children with mental retardation and/or physical disabilities.

Otto Learns About His Medicine: A Story About Medication For Children with ADHD
Matthew Galvin, M.D.
This book should help children ages 4 to 8 and their parents bring a greater awareness and com fort to their discussions with the doctor, as well as to encourage them to talk about the effects of ADHD and of the medication.

By Buddy
A. Osofsky
Buddy is the best dog a boy could have. Fully illustrated, this book demonstrates the desire of people with disabilities to be independent.

Howie Helps Himself
J. Fassler, Pictures by J. Lasker
Designed to help the child with a disability and the sibling identify with some of the joys, stresses and strains of a disability.

Views From Our Shoes
A new book for children by children who share their experiences as the brother or sister of someone with special needs, the good and bad aspects, as well as many thoughtful observations. May be useful to educators to supplement their inclusion programs.

Russel Is Extra special: A Book About Autism for Children
Charles A. Amenta, III, M.D.
Written to help the most important people, children, learn about autism by a father, who is also a physician, of an autistic child.

Zipper, The Kid With ADHD
Caroline Janover, Illustrated by Rick Powell
A novel for children age 8-11 which captures the high energy and impulsive nature of a typical ten-year-old with ADHD. Zipper is a lovable and bright child motivated to reach for his dreams. To realize his goal he must come up with a plan and stick with it!

I’m Deaf and It’s Okay
L. Aseltiine, E. Mueller & N. Tait, Pictures by H. Cogancherry
How this little boy copes with the frustrations of deafness at play and at home.

We’ll Paint The Octopus Red
Stephenie Stuve-Bodeen
A full-color illustrated children’s story for young siblings, ages 3 to 7 years, who have a new brother or sister with Down syndrome. Told with great warmth to put their minds at ease and help them develop a positive outlook about their brother or sister.

Ian’s Walk: A Story About Autism
Laurie Lears
A story for siblings of autistic children, to help provide them with an awareness of the challenges they and their families face. Grade 1-4

Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on raising the perfect parent
Instruction on raising the perfect parent, as seen through the eyes of 147 children.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Told in Signed English
Harry Bornstein, Karen Luczak Saulnier
Provides children ages 3-8 all of the fun their parents had when they first read this classic fairy tale. Parents and children alike will treasure this book that makes a classic story fun and instructive at the same time in a completely new way.

Baby Book: For the developmentally challenged child
R. Mathews
A unique approach to the traditional "Baby Book" designed for children with developmental disabilities. Special sections for medical histories and Mom and Dad’s feelings

Book Sources
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